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Noah 0284's Sponsorship Page
Noah 0284

Lucas and Noah are estimated to be ~<1yo healthy bonded male wiggies. They came from a very sad living condition and were not being taken care of properly - AT ALL. : ( Discovered by a kind soul, they were saved and surrendered to Fierce Love Rescue for foster care. Lucas and Noah were both underweight and were treated for mites. We are happy to report that both continue to gain weight, their coat shined immediately after their first bath, and their eyes are now bright with joy. ❤
Lucas is the more dominant one and is still skiddish when you first approach the cage. He will come over for his vitamin c cookie or a treat or put his paws on the side of the cage to see what you're up to. Once you hold him, he will calm down and is learning to snuggle and just.... relax....
Noah looks like a little panda bear and is the more submissive one. He is also still skiddish when you first approach the cage. Noah is very curious, but from a distance. You can tell he wants to approach you, but will usually hang back. He does come to the side of his cage for a vitamin or treat, but then quickly go hide and eat it. LOL! Once you hold him, he too will calm down, he just needs a moment to gain your trust.... they both do . ❤
These piggies are learning to trust humans again and are showing GREAT improvement in foster care to be perfect guinea pigs. So if you have patience and want to be a part of a true "rags to riches" story, let Lucas and Noah into your life and you're guaranteed to feel that sense of purpose and accomplishment : )
Lucas and Noah are available for adoption, together, here: https://www.fierceloverescue.org/info/display?PageID=19062

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