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We want to thank all of those who are on the front lines in this fight again the Coronavirus. We also want to thank all of the businesses and employees that are keeping our lives as normal as possible. We appreciate each and every one you.

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August Message from Our Executive Director

Can you believe it’s August already?  I love hot summer days so the weather we've been having this summer in the mid-Atlantic states is perfect for me. 

July was such a big month for FLR.  We brought our first chinchillas into FLR!  We now have four, available females, one is the mother of the other three.  We’ll adopt them out as two bonded pairs indicated on their web pages.  See https://www.fierceloverescue.org/animals/browse?special=Available+Chinchillas for information on each one of these fabulous ladies.

All of our author pups found their forever homes and we couldn’t be happier.  Our two little kittens (Aggron and Ash) are coming right along.  Our Marketing Director has started giving them slightly solid food (actually, it's pretty mushy - just what they need at this stage in their development).  We can’t wait to see how they grow.  See https://www.fierceloverescue.org/animals/browse?special=Available+Cats for more information.

Lemondrop, our friendly cockatiel, is also waiting for his forever home.  If you’re interested in adopting a bird, Lemondrop may be just the handsome guy for you.  Also, Tom and Jerry (our bonded, sugar glider pair) are just the nicest animals.  See https://www.fierceloverescue.org/animals/browse?special=Available+Sugar+Gliders for more information and their pictures.

As you may have seen on Facebook, we have started a series about the foster experience.  We are capturing those posts on our website under the Education Menu/Findings of a Foster.  If you are considering fostering and haven’t seen the posts on Facebook, take a look at this archive.  The posts will give you a good idea of what it’s like to foster.

We’d like to recognize Crystal D’Andrea, our August Volunteer of the Month.  She’s fosters for FLR and we are lucky to have as a her.  Take a peek at her picture and bio in the right-hand column.

Like the other months in the year, August has many dates set aside for animals.  To start, August is National Immunization Awareness Month. 

A few of specific holidays that caught my eye include: I'll be back to chat with you again in September. Have safe and enjoyable rest of your summer -

Jennifer Yanavitch

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