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Become a Foster

There are many good reasons to foster.  These include: 
  • Fostering can be fun and extremely rewarding!
  • Foster homes give animals the chance to adjust to loving home environments while they wait for their forever homes.  
  • Fostering allows you to rehabilitate a special-needs animal.
  • Fostering allows you to teach animals new skills.
  • Fostering increases the chances an animal will be adopted - foster parents can share specifics about an animal with prospective adopters, e.g., any special needs, personality and behavior, level of training, and dietary considerations. 
  • Fostering doesn't have to take much time.    
  • Fostering with FLR gives you the opportunity to foster a species that best suits your home environment and schedule. 

Foster Application Approval Process

There are several stages in FLR's foster approval process:  
  1. You complete and submit the Foster Application.
  2. FLR reviews your application, calling your personal references as well as your veterinary references.
  3. Once the reference checks are complete, FLR will contact you to schedule a Home Visit.
  4. During the Home Visit, the FLR representative will ask to be shown around your home, talk with you about your application, and answer any questions your may have.
  5. Once the Home Visit is complete, the FLR representative submits his/her assessment to the Foster Coordinator for a final decision regarding whether or not your application will be approved.
  6. You will be notified when a final decision is reached.
  7. If you are approved, you will be asked to sign our NDA and mail it back to us to complete the application process.  The Foster Coordinator will then contact you to help place a foster animal in your home.   
The entire approval process may take between two and three weeks, depending on your availability and our workload.  Please keep in mind that FLR is an all-volunteer workforce.  We try very hard to process each application in a timely manner, but sometimes life gets in the way.  If you are concerned about the status of your application, please email the Foster Coordinator at foster-coordinator@fierceloverescue.org

Foster Application

FLR's Foster Application is not overly long, but you may want to have some information easily available, e.g., veterinary contact(s), personal references, and medical history for your current animals.  You do not need an account to submit the Foster Application.  But if you are not registered and need to step away from the computer, your partially completed Foster Application cannot be saved.  

If you are ready to submit an application, please click the button below.   By clicking the button, you acknowledge that you have read the information on this webpage.