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Tracking Our Expenses

Every donation (regardless of its size) matters.  We thank you for each contribution as it allows us to help more animals through rescue, education, and our special programs.  In return, we believe that it is important to let our supporters know how we spend the money they donate.  

We track and assess our expenses in several ways: 
  1. We track by category.   The table below shows our two, high-level, budgetary goals.  For each goal, we list the categories we use, provide examples of the types of expenses in each category, and indicate whether or not we met our budgetary goals in the previous six months.  Our target budgetary goal is to spend at least 65% on Projects and no more than 35% on Administration, i.e., a minimum of $0.65 out of every dollar goes to the animals and a maximum of $0.35 is spent on running our ogranization.

  2. We use a pie chart to show the breakdown over the six categories in the previous, six-month period.  We update the pie chart in July and January of each calendar year.  

  3. We track expenses over time.  The bar chart at the bottom of this page compares our expenses over time.  We will update the bar chart in July and January of each calendar year as well.

Tracked Goals and Categories.
FLR Administration

Goal: 35% or less
Marketing materials, merchandise, events Met goal by spending 8.4% on Administration
Website hosting, email hosting, office supplies, insurance
Legal & Accounting
(As needed)
FLR Projects

Goal: 65% or more
Veterinary care, food, shelter, transportation Met goal by spending  91.6% on Projects
Programs, materials
Restricted Funds Donated monies and goods that are earmarked for a specific purpose by the donor (e.g., a cash donation to be applied towards medical costs for a specific animal).  FLR only uses these donations for the specified purposes in accordance with IRS regulations.


Pie Chart - Expenses 31Jul19-31Dec19

Bar Chart - Tracking Expenses Over Time